Lock Rekey Kit Best Practices to Control Costs

A lock rekey kit is exactly what you might imagine. It is a kit that can be used to change the locks in an organization, without having to call a locksmith. There are no tools required, no...

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The Best Locks for Your Multi-Site Organization

Managing access and security across multiple facilities is a challenge. Implementing key control for your business can be a financial commitment that can affect your key management into the...

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Retail Disaster Recovery - A Client Story Revisited

InstaKey has plenty of long-standing partnerships with clients. Some began as far back as 20 years ago. On any given day at our headquarters, you’ll hear InstaKey employees tossing reminiscent...

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Are You Spending Too Much to Rekey Locks?

As the one responsible for multiple, or hundreds, of locations, you are well aware of how overwhelming it is to keep track of all the keys for the locations that all of your employees have access...

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How to Easily Execute a Commercial Door Lock Change

There’s no such thing as a 0% employee turnover rate.

For certain, large-scale organizations with multiple locations — such as grocery store chains, restaurant chains and retail chains — the ...

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Hidden Costs of Traditional IC Core Swaps

When a lock is compromised in your personal life, it’s an easy enough process to replace it or rekey it, whether via a locksmith or by yourself. It’s a relatively cheap one-off expense, a minor...

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Four Aspects of Efficient Key Management Systems

If your organization has multiple locations, keeping track of multiple sets of mechanical keys can be a nightmare. What if an important key disappears, or a forgetful employee loses track of one?...

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How to Reduce the Cost to Change Locks

If your organization has ever lost a key or had to fire a disgruntled employee, you have probably changed the locks. Calling a locksmith, changing out the hardware, installing new locks, and...

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How to Maximize Security & Profitability with Key Control for Cannabis

Some governing bodies of the most heavily regulated industries, like legal cannabis, fail to include proactive key management as part of the comprehensive facility security requirements, leaving...

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