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Enhancing Site Security with a Key Control System

Enhancing Site Security with a Key Control SystemYour site security is only as strong as your key control system. Business owners often have a false sense of security after installing an IC (Interchangeable Core) lock system throughout their organization. It's good to remember, an important part of maintaining your business's physical security is keeping track of all the moving pieces. A key control system is a useful tool that will enhance your site security. Let's unpack the basics of putting control of your site security at your fingertips.

What is a Key Control System

A well-established key control system is critical to the security of your facility, personnel, and business assets. Consider it an additional method of maintaining control over your commercial property. A comprehensive key management software system such as® provides you with real-time visibility into: 

  • Each key, specific locations and doors it accesses, and who is responsible for it.
  • What keys have been made and which locks have been changed, including how often and why.
  • Who has access to your key software data and records of modifications that have been made.
  • Quick investigation and resolution in the event of a keyed security breach, easy change of access with employee turnover, and streamlined key audits.
  • A dashboard tracking of frequencies, orders, supplier turnaround times, including program and freight costs.
  • How your entire key system is operating from top to bottom.

Implementing a key control system will save you money and give you peace of mind that your physical business assets are secure.

The Benefits of Implementing a Key Control System

The benefits far outweigh the costs of implementation of a key control system. It will give you control over more than your key inventory. Consider these benefits when considering the upfront cost:

  • Lower Costs - Every minute you spend searching for a misplaced key or trying to determine who has access to a certain entry point is money wasted. This can oftentimes lead to having to call in a locksmith to rekey the lock or even the whole facility. Key control systems reduce overhead through automation.
  • Risk Management - Programming and reporting functions allow management to establish permission levels for each user and provide the ability to monitor data remotely. Notifications can be triggered in the event of a keyed security breach and the event will be recorded in the log file.
  • Owning Your Key Control Data - When you have control and ownership of your key system records you don’t have to worry about losing access. This is a possibility if your relationship with your locksmith deteriorates and you no longer have access to detailed keying charts.

How to Determine your Key Control Needs

Every organization and facility is different and each business has different needs and use cases for their physical security needs. Proper analysis of your specific needs is the first step to determining your key control needs. Here are four important things to examine when getting started:

  1. Assess how many keys your organization currently has, who has access to them, and whether keyholders can make unauthorized copies.
  2. Evaluate Security Weak Spots - Audit current key management processes and identify all access points and pinpoint any that are critical.
  3. Build out a Keying Chart - This will provide you with a visual map outlining who can access which secure doors, assets, and spaces. Through this key hierarchy, you can uncover soft spots, unaddressed areas, or any disorganized processes in your organization’s security.
  4. Determine Access Control Needs - Not everyone in your organization needs the same level of access to all areas of the business. Knowing who has access to what points are critical in implementing a strong key control system.

InstaKey can support your organization at every level of your key control needs. Click the button below for a deeper look into the power of our key tracking software and how implementing a key control system can enhance your site security.

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