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Streamline Your Key System Management With Key Tracking Software

You need a comprehensive key management system to control and monitor your organization's secure keyed access. The more keys and access points you have, the more complicated your key management becomes. While a simple spreadsheet might work just fine to manage key systems for a small business with only one location, an organization like a university or retail business with multiple locations needs a much more robust solution. When you compare key tracking software to other management solutions, you’ll see why it comes out on top. Here are just a few ways key tracking software helps streamline your key management and minimizes security costs.

Real-Time Visibility

Without key tracking software, you’re stuck with manually tracking your keys, users, and access points. That can get time-consuming and complicated really fast. To make things worse, manual key tracking doesn’t give you the ability to deal with updating key access in the event of security breaches or employee turnover. InstaKey’s Key Tracking Software gives you real-time visibility into:

  • Who is responsible for each key, and which locations that key accesses.
  • Which locks and keys have been changed, as well as when and why.
  • Who has access to your key tracking software, and what changes have been made.
  • How your entire key tracking system is running from top to bottom.
  • And more.

Out-of-the-Box Customization

With key tracking software, you have control of your key system in a way that spreadsheets and paper files can’t give you. Poor key management can compromise your security. Spreadsheets are a hassle to manage and manually tracking keys can cost you valuable time and money. No matter what lock and key system you have in place, key tracking software can help you better manage your keyed security. Instead of building and maintaining a spreadsheet or filling yet another file folder with paper key receipts, key tracking software scales with your business right out of the box.

Key Control At Your Fingertips Anytime, Anywhere

If a break-in occurred at your business through unauthorized access with a key, would you be able to determine who had access to those areas? If you’re managing your key system with just a spreadsheet, you may only be able to access that information from one computer. And if either that computer or the person in charge of the spreadsheet isn’t readily available, you may not be able to access your key management information as soon as you’d like - or worse, not at all.

InstaKey's cloud-based key tracking software lets you access that information anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. In the event of a security breach, you can see a complete list of any and all key holders with access to the compromised areas. Simply by logging in to® on any web-enabled device, you can view your key system data any time from anywhere.

A key management system is only as effective as the tools you use to manage it. Combining InstaKey’s restricted keys with its cloud-based key tracking software gives you a complete security system. You can effectively manage your key system and control associated costs with ease. Access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and rest assured that it is always accurate and up-to-date.