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Where Should I Start With Evaluating My Lock and Key Program?

Where Should I Start With Evaluating My Lock and Key Program?

Even the best lock and key program needs to be evaluated periodically. You may think your facility is secure, but how do you know for sure? You may think it’s the most cost-effective program you can get, but your total operating expenses might be higher than they need to be. The only way to know for sure is by taking a deep dive into the workings of your lock and key program. It may seem daunting at first. But by following this guide, you’ll learn how well your key management program works, where you might be losing money, and what you can do to strengthen your security without breaking your budget.

Here are the four steps you should take to evaluate your lock and key program.

Determine Your Security Needs.

Start by looking at your current security needs. Different organizations need different levels of security. A retail chain’s security needs will be different from a hospital’s or even a university’s security needs. Determine which areas need to be secured, how well they need to be secured, and who needs access. This is also the perfect time to plan what your security needs may be in the future. Will a facility be remodeled in the future? Will there be growth or turnover in staff? Will more locations be added sometime down the road? It’s important to keep these questions in mind during your evaluation so you can determine if your security needs will change over time.

Take Inventory of What’s In Your Current Program.

Now that you know what your current and possible future security needs are, it’s time to take a look at what you currently have to handle them. Don’t worry about how well your lock and key program handles your security needs just yet. You’ll get to that in the next step. For now, you just want to take stock. Look at your current workflow process. Add in the management of inventory, resources, paper records, spreadsheets, and any stand-alone software solutions you use in your key management program. What do you use to track your keys and key holders? How do you handle key assignment and key return procedures? What contingency plans do you have in case a key goes missing? How do you determine when a rekey is necessary? These are all questions that you’ll want to have answers to by the end of this step.

Assess If Your Program Meets Your Security Needs.

Once you know what your current and future security needs are, and you know how you’re currently addressing those needs, you can assess how well those security needs are being met. This is also your opportunity to discover any hidden costs associated with your current program. A poor lock and key program can cost you in ways you might not realize. Outside of the cost of locksmith callouts, you could be losing money to lower productivity and the potential risks of a security breach. 

Look For Ways to Simplify and Improve Your Program. 

You’ve completed your assessment, and you’ve determined what works and what needs improvement. Now you have all the information you need to make any necessary changes and search for better key management solutions. 

Restricted Key System

If you haven't already, you may consider switching to a restricted key system. Restricted keys can't be duplicated, so you won’t have to worry about unauthorized copies of your keys ending up in the wrong hands. Another option is switching to user-rekeyable locks, which can minimize the need for costly locksmith callouts.

Key Tracking Software

You may want to embrace technology by using a cloud-based key tracking software that can track all aspects of your lock-and-key program at every organizational level. That way, your data is readily available for you to address a keyed security breach immediately while also avoiding slowdowns in workflow and losses in product or productivity.

Talk With an Expert.

Looking at all the different options to improve your lock and key program can quickly get overwhelming. Your best bet is to speak with an expert who can guide you through the selection process. 

InstaKey has a team of dedicated experts who offer the best service, and the most attainable key management and mechanical lock solutions in the industry. Our customized solutions are perfect if you are looking to reduce risk within your business while keeping unexpected costs to a minimum.

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