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How to Decrease Replacement Key & Core Shipping Times

CORE SWAPWhen a key goes missing at your multi-site organization, locks should be changed as soon as possible. Your personnel and asset security could be at risk, and every second counts. Depending on your locks, you may need to rekey or perform an interchangeable core (IC core) swap.

In this article, we explain the difference in time and difficulty between traditional locks and IC cores and how InstaKey can streamline the process.

The Benefits of Using IC Cores vs. Traditional Locks

There are definitely benefits to switching from traditional locks to interchangeable (IC) cores. Traditional locks may have a lower upfront cost compared to IC cores due to the simpler construction and relatively older technology it relies on. But they can also carry a higher price tag in the long run when you factor in the cost of rekeying. With traditional locks, a lost or stolen key means the associated lock has to be rekeyed. This involves calling out a locksmith, scheduling an appointment time, and issuing new keys to staff. Depending on how many locks need to be rekeyed and how busy the locksmith is, it could take weeks for a rekey to be completed.

IC cores were created to address this problem. They were designed specifically to eliminate the hassle of needing a professional locksmith every time a rekey was needed. With an IC core, your organization can simply remove the IC core from the lock and replace it with a new one to complete a rekey.

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The Challenges of Using IC Cores

While swapping out IC cores provides a lot of benefits to cost reduction and convenience for an organization, it still has a few inherent drawbacks. 

You may need new IC cores every time you rekey

In the event an organization needs to rekey locks to maintain security, they can swap out their existing IC cores with new ones. But that means that every time the organization needs to rekey, they may need new IC cores. Their previously used IC cores can’t be used again if they do not have the control key onsite, so they must either wait for a new control key to remove cores or have a locksmith drill out cores to remove and provide new cores and keys.

You may have to store multiple IC cores onsite

The need for a rekey isn’t something an organization can simply schedule ahead of time when it’s convenient. Nobody marks their calendar for the day a key will go missing. And since an organization that uses IC cores has to swap out cores for new ones every time they need a rekey, they need to keep multiple IC cores in storage at all times. Having backup IC cores and associated key sets on hand to be prepared for a rekey means an organization has the hassle of managing storage of the IC cores, matching up cores and key sets, and tracking where they are and who has them.

It’s time-consuming to get new IC cores

Keeping a stockpile of backup IC cores in storage is always wise for an organization that uses IC cores. But when your stock starts running low, you need to order more. The turnaround time for getting new IC cores and matching key sets can vary from one supplier to another. And depending on how back ordered they are, it could be a matter of weeks between when you order new cores and when they arrive.

How InstaKey’s Fulfillment Program Can Help

InstaKey provides its own IC cores that are user-rekeyable, allowing a single IC core to be rekeyed up to 9 times before needing to swap cores. But even if you don't have InstaKey rekeyable IC cores, you can still take advantage of InstaKey's Fulfillment Program.

InstaKey partners with most industry suppliers of IC cores and can send you new cores and keys from those manufacturers most often within 48 hours. So even if your IC cores are from a different supplier, you can still get the replacements you need through InstaKey at a much faster turnaround time.

Talk to an expert and find out how InstaKey can get you IC cores from any of these industry suppliers in as little as 48 hours, or learn more about InstaKey’s Fulfillment Program.

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