Key Tracking & Restricted Keys: How They Work Securely Together

Maintaining the physical security of your organization is a big job. Particularly if your company has many facilities, retail locations, or warehouses. Providing secure access and keeping track of...

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4 Security Benefits of a Restricted Key

Maintaining security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. Creating effective security measures are not only about protecting your property and the assets inside, but regulating who has...

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How to Maximize Security & Profitability with Key Control for Cannabis

Some governing bodies of the most heavily regulated industries, like legal cannabis, fail to include proactive key management as part of the comprehensive facility security requirements, leaving it...

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Delivering Cloud-Based Controls for Mechanical Keys with a Human Touch

With our growing dependence on automation, service bots, and artificial intelligence, it can be rare to find a vendor that delivers innovative solutions through partnership.  Thingamajigs, widgets,...

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Key Control Insights: How to Keep Your Lock and Key Program Simple

In 2015, a specialty retailer’s loss prevention leadership team was tasked to implement better cost controls and management around their locks and key program. With over 300 stores nationwide, high...

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3 Reasons InstaKey Key Control Might Not Be the Best Choice

Key Control refers to various methods for making sure that mechanical keys for non-residential key systems are only used by authorized key holders. Any person in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection or...

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Mechanical Locks Are Here to Stay

As a security manager of a large enterprise organization, you’re probably used to dealing with an electronic access control system. Cards, readers and controllers all determine in a fraction of a...

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