4 Benefits of a Rekeyable Interchangeable Core vs. Common Key Cores

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Traditional Key Core vs. Rekeyable Interchangeable Core: An Explainer

There are many aspects of our daily lives that we don’t often think about. Your locks and keys can be one of those. Locks are in use everywhere you go to reliably keep people, goods, and property...

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The Evolution of Commercial IC Cores

Small Format Interchangeable Cores, known in the commercial industry as SFIC or more broadly as IC Cores (which can also include large format interchangeable cores or LFIC), are an integral part of...

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The History of Commercial Key Cores

Key cores are an integral part of most mechanical key systems. Key cores are used in primarily commercial settings and offer strong and reliable security. To understand how commercial key cores have...

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Managing Key Cores with Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

When a key is lost or stolen, there can be seemingly no limit to the number of affected locks that require changing or rekeying.

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