How to Empower Your Location Managers with Key Tracking

Key tracking is one of the foundational components of your larger key control system. Establishing good tracking practices can improve the day-to-day management of your mechanical keys, locks, and...

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Key Tracking & Restricted Keys: How They Work Securely Together

Maintaining the physical security of your organization is a big job. Particularly if your company has many facilities, retail locations, or warehouses. Providing secure access and keeping track of...

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Key Tracking Best Practices: How to Track Your Keys, Locks, and Users

There are many components of creating key control for your organization that is streamlined and cost-effective. Your keyed security can have a big impact on the safety of your employees, facilities,...

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Getting the Most From Your Key Tracking Software

Key tracking software is useful in keeping track of, managing, and improving key control practices. Without organized key tracking, you may be spending more on key control that you need to and you...

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Key Tracking System Update: Audit

An important part of any good key tracking system is auditing capabilities. Audits are a critical element of keeping track of keys and who’s custody they are in. In order to ensure and maintain key...

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