Retail Disaster Recovery - A Client Story Revisited

InstaKey has plenty of long-standing partnerships with clients. Some began as far back as 20 years ago. On any given day at our headquarters, you’ll hear InstaKey employees tossing reminiscent client...

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4 Security Benefits of a Restricted Key

Maintaining security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. Creating effective security measures are not only about protecting your property and the assets inside, but regulating who has...

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Are You Spending Too Much to Rekey Locks?

As the one responsible for multiple, or hundreds, of locations, you are well aware of how overwhelming it is to keep track of all the keys for the locations that all of your employees have access to....

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How to Reduce the Cost to Change Locks

If your organization has ever lost a key or had to fire a disgruntled employee, you have probably changed the locks. Calling a locksmith, changing out the hardware, installing new locks, and getting...

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3 Ways to Reduce In-Store Shrink This Holiday Season

It’s almost Halloween! You know what that means? The holiday shopping season is upon us — those few weeks retailers look forward to all year. Stores will be packed with shoppers looking for the...

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Swap Worries for Managed Lock Cores


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