High Security Locks: A Solution for High-Risk Businesses

Every business deserves to be secure. But some – by the nature of what they make, sell or store – require an extra level of security. Large quantities of high-value items on the premises brand a...

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Simple Security Systems: What Happens in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Severe weather and natural disasters are becoming more prevalent throughout the year.  Weather reports on tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and the like, can lead to anxiety with your...

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Restricted Keys & Why It Is Important To Get Your Keys Back

Sometimes the most effective security protocols are the simplest and most straightforward. And while many of them might seem like common sense in hindsight, they can often be overlooked or...

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6 Key Control Program Best Practices

Every facility utilizes some level of key control to ensure the utmost in safety for employees and asset security. Choosing a key control solution for your environment is only the first step. What...

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Fuel Dispenser Security: Why key control is important at the pump

Security of fuel dispensers is becoming more and more critical to protect. Credit card skimming is on the rise all over the country because criminals realize how easy it is to install credit card...

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5 Reasons Why Key Control Software Is Important

Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to keep track of the keys to your business?

Well, there is, its Key Control software designed to manage it for you.

This simple-to-use software...

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4 Things You Didn’t Know about Master Key System Security

There are many benefits to keying systems that include the ability to use master keys. From superior control over your system to extreme convenience, master key systems can offer effective...

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5 Key Benefits of High Security Door Lock Systems

If you are concerned about security in your organization, but also want to keep costs under control, a high security door lock system could be the right choice for your business. This kind of key...

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How To Save Money When You're Dealing With A High Restaurant Turnover Rate

Securing restaurant facilities takes up a huge chunk of time, money and human resources. So much so that if you are in charge of restaurant operations you’re constantly looking for a way to focus...

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Lock Change or Rekey: Which One Should You Choose?

When a key is lost or stolen, you need to take action right away to keep your building secure. Rekeying and changing your locks are two similar options that you can use to secure your building in...

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