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InstaKey Software Release and Bug Fixes for October 2nd, 2021

The following updates and fixes to our suite of software offerings are available to our customers as of October 2nd, 2021:

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InstaKey Q3 2020 Release and Bug Fixes

With the way the world has changed this year, everyone is looking to streamline the way they work, including the way they manage and keep track of keys and key holders. To that end, InstaKey has been...

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Released January 15, 2020

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New Tool in SecurityRecords, A New Look & A Digital Site Survey Update

The latest version of, version 4.0.3,  has been released and is available to all users as of October 15, 2019. This release includes a new tool called Key Audit. Also in this...

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06/30/2019 - Version 4.2 Release & Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Order Detail Missing Information
    • Tracking Email field visibility fixed
    • Batch Order visibility fixed
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03/30/2019 - Digital Key Holder Update Overhaul

The latest enhancements to the Digital Key Holder Update in were released March 30, 2019, allowing for 3 available options for logging into Digital Key Holder Update to assign...

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03/30/2019 - Credit Card Payment Information Policy Change

Effective 4/1/2019, InstaKey will be updating its payment collection methods. Moving forward, credit card clients will be sent a link via email, securely redirecting the recipient to a Chase payment...

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08/30/2018 - Security Records Version 4.1 Overview

Version 4.1 of Security Records was released on August 30, 2018 and it affects the following software functions:

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Historical Release Information

Use the links below to access information in Security Records releases from 06/30/2011 - 08/31/2017.

08/31/2017 Security Records Login Using Google Sign-In
07/16/2016 Security Records Version 3.9 Overview
03/05/2016 Security Records Version 3.8 Overview
02/02/2015 Security Records Version 3.7 Overview
06/16/2014 Security Records Version 3.6 Overview
01/01/2014 Security Records Version 3.5 Overview
05/01/2013 Security Records Version 3.4 Overview
10/01/2012 Security Records Version 3.2 Overview
03/01/2012 Security Records Version 3.1 Overview
06/30/2011 Security Records Version 3.0 Overview