InstaKey Software Release and Bug Fixes for October 2nd, 2021

Authored by InstaKey

The following updates and fixes to our suite of software offerings are available to our customers as of October 2nd, 2021:

    • SecurityRecords Version 21.3.5489
      • Admin tab options have been reorganized
        • All Customer Orders has moved to Reports – Orders
        • Overdue Orders has been renamed View All Overdue Orders and has been moved to Reports – Orders
      • Auto-complete disabled on login page as part of security upgrade
      • Close Location in Location Detail has been revised
        • Feature is now available to all Records users and is no longer internal only
        • All new clients added to SR will have a “Closed Locations” Location added below InstaKey Security Systems, along with a Door, “Removed Core Inventory”
        • When Close Location is used, the Location will be reassigned to Closed Locations instead of InstaKey
        • Doors are no longer deleted and are left assigned to the location
        • Cores assigned to Doors are no longer deleted
        • Keys in any active status are changed to Deactivated, inactive statuses are left as-is (so updates like Lost are not overwritten)
      • Help/Contact Us link now links to Knowledge Base instead of release notes history
      • Key Detail now has Notes available to match other Detail pages
      • Modify Order – Delete functions specific to doors and individual DHI selection
      • Order Detail, “Instructions” tab has now been renamed “Packing List” to reflect its use more accurately
      • Order Confirmation emails From address updated to
      • Order Detail page now has an Email Confirmation option under Other Functions. Selecting Include Tracking Email will populate the address with the value in the Order Detail field.
      • Order Turnaround dashboard report updated to stacked bar format
      • Password Reset interface added inside of SR (in addition to existing login page reset)
      • Print All Work Order Reports button changes (for those with Work Order access)
        • Print All Work Order Reports now only prints the Packing List and Order Description (and Mailer Card if applicable)
        • The Key/Cylinder Work Orders may be printed by selecting the checkbox below Print All if needed
        • Mailer Cards now contain a QR code that links to our new Knowledge Base with instructions on how to rekey as well as other useful information

    • SR Audit Version 21.1.339
      • Audit Runs disappearing table issue resolved
      • SR Audit home screen now only displays Active audits and audits with upcoming run dates to reduce initial data display


    • Digital Key Holder Update Version 20.02.242
      • Login page now includes Email Registration option
      • Lost / Broken / Stolen status update added

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