Version 4.0.4 Release and Bug Fixes

Authored by InstaKey

Released January 15, 2020

The bug fixes and improvements in Version 4.0.4 of include:

  • Client Dropdown “Go” button added to address possible refresh issue
  • Security Records Key Receipt functionality updates
  • All Customer Orders Close Date select fixes
  • Add Keys/Cylinders page redirect from Add Doors fixes
  • Expense Reports pages formatting revised for consistency
  • Key Receipt disabled for User Detail pages with no keys available
  • EmployeeID and Title fields added to Active Key Issuance report
  • Unsubmitted Order lockout issue fixed
  • Website reskin complete
  • Header bar freeze for ease of navigation
  • Digital Key Holder Update module improvements to functionality
    • Improved Key Log visibility
    • Default assignment to current keyholder
    • Removed requirement to submit Key Log manually, now occurs automatically
    • Option to have current key holder sign added
    • Key Detail added to key receipt with system specific verbiage from Records.

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