03/30/2019 - Credit Card Payment Information Policy Change

Authored by InstaKey

Effective 4/1/2019, InstaKey will be updating its payment collection methods. Moving forward, credit card clients will be sent a link via email, securely redirecting the recipient to a Chase payment portal. Please be sure to add @InstaKey.com as a safe domain in your email system to ensure these requests aren’t sent to your Junk folder in error.

This is a onetime process used to capture credit card payment information, so once a card has been entered, it is saved as a profile in Chase’s Orbital Virtual Terminal for use with future InstaKey orders. You will not need to enter card information for every order placed, just for new cards used for payment.

After inputting payment information, your order will be updated and your InstaKey point of contact will be notified the order is ready for processing.

Your payment privacy and security are of the highest importance to us. That is why InstaKey has utilized Chase Merchant services. For more information regarding how Chase protects payment information click visit: https://merchantservices.chase.com/support/protect-your-business/datasecurity 

Please contact Client Services with any questions or concerns:


Phone: 303-761-9999
Fax: 303-761-6359
Toll-Free: 800-316-5397

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