Key Management at Your Fingertips

If a break-in occurred at your business through unauthorized access with a key, would you be able to determine who may be responsible? What if it happened after hours? Would you know then?

InstaKey presents cloud-based key tracking software platform,®, as part of its Key Control Program which allows users to have access to that information anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. In the event of a security breach, this solution allows business managers and owners to acquire a complete list of key holders with access to the compromised areas. Simply by logging in to® on any web-enabled device, visibility to key system data can be obtained easily from anywhere, 24/7.

InstaKey’s combination of restricted keys into its Key Control Program gives business owners and managers assurance that only authorized key holders assigned in the® key tracking platform have access to corresponding locks. InstaKey keys cannot be duplicated which means that each key distributed to employees is unique, therefore narrowing down potential suspects that may be responsible for the breach.