Key Control for Grocers

The Grocery market is faced with the challenge of high employee turnover, including management positions, which can make managing their lock and key programs difficult. When an employee leaves and does not return their keys, it also poses a security risk to the Grocery store.

InstaKey Security Systems provides a Key Control Program that delivers a simple and cost-saving solution to those concerns. Restricted keys that are marked with a unique identifier cannot be duplicated without authorization. InstaKey’s patented cloud-based key tracking software,®, allows for those keys to be tracked in “real-time” 24/7 via web access, so keys are always accounted for. This makes managing their mechanical key system a breeze by being able to audit their program!

In the event that keys are not returned or are misplaced, InstaKey also provides a rekeyable lock solution which provides Grocery store owners significant cost savings. If a master key is lost or stolen, it inevitably means that all the locks will need to be rekeyed to avoid a potential risk. Typically, this takes an innumerable amount of time and they’re faced with the high fees associated with locksmith callouts.