Save Time and Money with Better Key Management

The InstaKey Key Control Program helps business owners manage their key control inventory. When businesses experience change in their employee workforce due to terminations or someone simply quitting without returning their keys, rekeying can come at a pricey cost. Rekeying is necessary to prevent unauthorized reentry into the office that could lead to a potential security breach, which typically entails paying for unanticipated, costly locksmith fees.

With InstaKey’s evolution of key management, business owners can simply turn a “change key” in the compromised lock that resets it immediately, saving on time and locksmith callout fees. They can also determine who needs new keys easily with the only cloud-based key inventory management system out there. The friendly, user interface makes it easy to know exactly who is supposed to have keys. InstaKey keys are not sold on the open market, so business owners can rest assured that their employees are also not duplicating keys without their knowledge.