Making Key Control Simple for the Education Marketplace

Colleges, Universities, and K-12 schools face many challenges when it comes to managing their keyed access. An average sized college may have 20,000 or more key holders, and a K-12 school district may have 5,000 or more. The National Center for Education predicts that 46% of all new teachers will quit within 5 years of their hire date. With so many key holders, and such high turnover, managing key systems is a real challenge for Campus Administrators.

With InstaKey’s®® key tracking software, Administrators can have access to their key system records 24/7 with a patented, cloud-based platform. InstaKey’s®® provides Administrators the ability to accurately maintain their key system records with ‘real-time’ access to their system data, and a number of valuable reporting features.

InstaKey® also provides a solution to Master key loss. With InstaKey’s® proprietary rekeyable locks, an entire Master system can be rekeyed in as little as a single day for just the cost of a new set of Master keys.