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3 Reasons InstaKey Key Control Might Not Be the Best Choice

Key Control Not The Best Choice

Key Control refers to various methods for making sure that mechanical keys for non-residential key systems are only used by authorized key holders. Any person in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection or Security can agree that this is important because locks can only limit access if you have control of the keys that operate them. InstaKey’s methods of key control go beyond limiting access to serve additional purposes related to cost and resource reduction, as well as enhancing security. That’s why we call it KeyControl®. We are biased to promoting a complete program of this nature, but it might not be well suited to your needs and we prefer to help you make decisions that are best for you. To that end, here’s three signs you don’t need KeyControl.

It’s not very expensive or time consuming to change your locks.


Every InstaKey KeyControl program not only controls keys, but also serves to save time and budget dollars from being excessively spent on locksmiths or core swap programs. This excessive spend is typically caused by having a high key holder turnover rate. It is common practice to change the locks when a key holder leaves an organization. If this happens frequently, you should be changing locks just as often. If this is not a problem you struggle with, chances are you aren’t spending very much time or budget dollars getting the locks changed. InstaKey’s user-rekeyable lock technology allows locks to be changed with a step change key to remove a pin from the cylinder, rendering operating keys unusable afterward. Just distribute new keys and be done. There is no need to have a locksmith perform this change and no time spent waiting for a locksmith while assets and people are left vulnerable.

You want key holders to be able to make copies of keys whenever and wherever they want.


InstaKey controls who has keys by making sure keys cannot be duplicated. How? Our keys are made from restricted key blanks, which we tightly control through distribution licensing agreements. In other words, a key cannot be taken to a local hardware store or locksmith to be duplicated because they won’t have the blanks necessary to make the copy. If it is important for key holders to have easy access to copies, KeyControl won’t work best for you. However, trading convenience for security could be in your best interest. We must strongly advise you to consider the inherent risks in this, as the basic tenant of key control is controlling who has keys. It is much more difficult to control who has keys if you can’t control the proliferation of them. Can you completely trust your key holders to not make copies of your keys?

You just want the cheapest locks to secure the building.


Sometimes, it can be hard to justify making an investment in hopes of getting an ROI later. Maybe it’s not currently in the budget to roll out a new lock system and you already have interchangeable cores that are getting the job done. You just need the cheapest locks to get the job done, and you need them fast. Afterall, there are a ton of things to spend LP/AP or Facilities budget dollars on and lock hardware can rank lower than some of the seemingly more sophisticated tools used to prevent loss. Lock hardware from InstaKey can be slightly more expensive than your average hardware, so KeyControl might not be right for you. But, if saving money is a goal, the technology and value provided by KeyControl would be a great solution to switch to over time. If you’re part of an LP/AP or Facilities team, you’re no stranger to a shrinking budget, so getting creative with the resources available isn’t new. Switching to InstaKey doesn’t have to be an all or nothing plan. We recommend starting by switching over as locks need rekeying or cylinders need swapping, while continuing to use the other locks you’re currently using elsewhere. InstaKey can provide most of the non-restricted cores and keys you're currently using in 48 hours or less. Eventually, you will have a sophisticated KeyControl program with an ROI that justifies itself, allowing you to accomplish more with less.


So, if your current key system isn’t a time or budget drain, unauthorized key duplication isn’t a concern and/or you just want the fastest, cheapest way to secure the building now, KeyControl might not be the best choice for you. But, if things change and KeyControl starts to make sense for you, we’ll be here when you need us!

If you would like some help with your key system now, speak to one of our KeyControl experts to get your questions answered.  


Did you know?

KeyControl can be enhanced by utilizing other tools we provide in conjunction with our key systems. On top of offering best-in-class hardware to control who has access to what, we can help make your key system even more secure, resource effective and easy to manage.

Key Management Software – A cloud-based SaaS platform,® is a simple, centralized method of tracking keys to key holders using unique key identifiers. And you don’t have to use our locks and keys to do this. Not only does the software come in handy for key holder accountability, it will help administrators track the cost of the key system as a whole. The software also makes auditing the key system much easier.

Program Administration – Sometimes there’s not enough resources to focus closely on the security of your key system. Enter InstaKey Program Administration. We will manage your key system for you, at any level you need, from periodic consultation to full program administration.