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High Security Locks: A Solution for High-Risk Businesses

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Every business deserves to be secure. But some – by the nature of what they make, sell or store – require an extra level of security. Large quantities of high-value items on the premises brand a business as a target for both opportunistic and sophisticated criminals. And don’t forget to include employees in that group.

Higher-risk businesses include pharmacies, medical facilities, firearms and cannabis dealers and many other organizations. Each day brings news reports of successful break-ins into these businesses. Each theft costs money, not only from the loss of assets, but due to the resulting disruption.

If you own or manage one of these businesses, you know they are among the country’s most highly regulated. Federal, state and local laws require operators to install and maintain multiple layers of security. But no matter how many cameras and/or intrusion sensors are installed, the place to stop criminals is at the front door and other building entries. That same attention to security also should apply to inside doors where targeted items are likely to be stored.

But what’s an appropriate solution? The recently approved regulations for the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBCC) outline how marijuana shops should be secured. The agency is pretty specific when it comes to addressing video surveillance and camera placement. It also details the type of required intrusion and monitoring systems.

However, the requirements are very basic when it comes to protecting entries. Shop owners must use “commercial-grade, nonresidential door locks on all points of entry and exit to the licensed premises.” So, what type of locking system do you need?

First there’s no reason “commercial-grade” and “non-residential” need be defined as complicated or very expensive. Next, check to see if you already have door hardware labeled as Class 1 or 2 (with Class 1 being the heaviest duty). This hardware grade meets virtually all government requirements while helping secure the premises.


Locksets with high-security cylinders (HSEC) or high security locks are another part of the solution. High security locks incorporate multiple security features, such as angled key cuts, restricted keyways and drill-resistant housings. And there’s no need to replace existing Class 1 or 2 locksets and housings. We have HSEC cylinders designed to retrofit locksets from major providers such as Corbin-Russwin, Falcon, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage, Yale and more.

Another major consideration are keys – especially since they occasionally get lost or stolen. A key management system helps track the few to hundreds of keys your business employs. It’s a way of precisely matching each employee to a specific key and the doors that key opens. We have keys with individualized serial numbers to create a match. If a key is lost that helps restore security to all affected doors.

This sounds like a record-keeping nightmare, but it’s not. All data is maintained in a secured cloud-based software program. In seconds, you can link keys to employees, identify what specific locations/doors a key opens and more. It gets even easier if you want us to maintain the records for you.

There’s much more to a total InstaKey Security Systems’ solution. We have keys that can’t be duplicated by anyone but us or your approved security dealer. When keys are lost, you can rekey our lock cylinders in seconds and save the cost of a locksmith.

Operating a higher-risk business is complicated enough. You don’t need to worry about door security too. InstaKey can help with high security locks. If you have questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to demonstrate how it all works.