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5 Key Benefits of High Security Door Locks for Your Key Control

If you are concerned about security in your organization but also want to keep costs under control, a high security door lock system may be the right choice for your business and your key control. This kind of key control system has many advantages over other types of door locks. Let’s take a look at five benefits that the most secure door locks can bring to your business.

1. High Security Door Locks Reduce Costs in the Long Run

The major benefit of high security locks (also known as HSEC) is that they are nearly impossible to pick. That’s because they utilize two levels of biaxial key cutting, which produce angled cuts inside the lock that are very difficult to force open by picking the lock. As a result, your business can avoid costs associated with theft, which can be financially crippling.

Of course, a pick-resistant lock is no use if a determined intruder can simply drill the lock out of its housing. That’s why all the most secure door locks come with drill resistant housings, which prevent the locks from being removed from the doors. Not only does this feature reduce theft, but it also means you won’t face the expense of replacing damaged locks with new ones to re-secure the property after an attempted break-in.

For many businesses, most of the costs associated with door locks arise from the need to replace locks when keys go missing or are copied without authorization. However, InstaKey’s restricted key blanks are not available on the open market and therefore cannot be duplicated without authorization. As a result, you may find that your organization’s need to replace locks to ensure security decreases.

2. Customize Your High Security Door Locks and Key Control to Meet Your Needs

If you have particular requirements for your door lock system, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the most secure door locks on the market. InstaKey provides a highly customizable HSEC system that can be tailored to meet your organizational needs. If you need to secure multiple locations, you can even customize each system to meet the particular demands of the individual working environment. By customizing your key control to fit the physical security needs of your organization and separate facilities, you can improve your day-to-day key management and security.

3. User-Rekeyable Locks Allow You To Immediately Rekey With Ease

cabinet_lock_for_constant_contact.jpgHow many times have you had to replace a lock because an employee has lost a key or because a key has been stolen? With innovative user-rekeyable key cores, removing locks from their hardware in order to rekey can be a thing of the past. User-rekeyable locks can be securely reset when a key is lost or stolen without needing to be removed from your door hardware. Which means that anyone who tries to use the lost or stolen key after you're able to quickly address a security breach will be denied access. Meanwhile, the other authorized key holders can receive updated keys so your employees continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to your facilities.

All types of keys in a HESC system can be reset, including master keys, grand master keys, and even great grand master key systems. This ensures that security is guaranteed on every level of your organization and addressing security breaches is no longer a time consuming or insecure hassle for your key managers.

InstaKey's HESC systems use high security cylinders to ensure the security of your key control system. These cylinders can be retrofit into a range of housings from most major door lock manufacturers. They offer the ability to reset locks without compromising the security of the overall system.

4. Track Serialized Keys With Cloud-Based Key Tracking Software

One of the most important features of your key control is your ability to track serialized keys. InstaKey has a cloud-based key tracking software solution that allows administrators to keep track of all keys that have been issued, orders that have been placed, and the effectiveness of your key control from a single easy-to-use dashboard. Using this software, admins can identify key holders, track the location of keys, and quickly check which doors each key provides access to. Serialized keys also eliminate key duplication, which can be a major security risk in some organizations.

5. High Security Door Locks Ensure Secure Key Control

Mobile_Key_Control.jpgAll the features of high security door lock systems work together to ensure the security of your company’s physical premises. In addition to the physical features offered by locks, InstaKey also offers dedicated programs that can help every member of your organization act in a way that promotes security. These programs include ongoing education, training, and support to help administrators establish organization-wide policies that ensure the security and effectiveness of your system. When every member of every team in your organization works together to ensure security, you can rest assured that the risk of a security breach is being kept as low as possible.

As you balance the need for better security in your organization with the desire to keep costs low, high security door locks are a secure and efficient choice your key control. There are many benefits to implementing strong, secure key control for your organization, including low maintenance costs, greater convenience, and enhanced security. For more information about the benefits that high security door locks can bring to your business, get in touch with our security experts at InstaKey today. We can answer any questions you have about HESC and other types of electronic door lock systems and want to help you find the key control and lock system that is right for your needs.

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