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Four Aspects of Efficient Key Management Systems

If your organization has multiple locations, keeping track of multiple sets of mechanical keys can be a nightmare. What if an important key disappears, or a forgetful employee loses track of one? Worse yet, what if the key falls into the wrong hands? 

We know you constantly deal with threats that could disrupt security. If you don’t have on-site maintenance personnel, or if your keying or cylinder management costs are through the roof, your anxiety is bound to be even higher. Lost product or intel could jeopardize your company, and your job.

If you’re considering updating your key management system (otherwise known as a key control program), take a look at the four hallmarks of an efficient system:

  • Organized
  • Convenient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Secure

manager hands key to staffORGANIZED

Important keys go missing. Obsolete keys turn up. We know it’s vital to keep track of them. Dealing with hundreds — if not thousands — of employees makes that task difficult. But an organized system should simplify the process, making it easier for both management and personnel who need access. 

A cloud-based key management software can bring mechanical key system management practices into the 21st century. Some of the benefits include:

  • Key holder administration
  • Keyed access controls
  • Order tracking

You’ll want to ensure the company has trained professionals available to explain, implement and provide support for this essential component of key management, or find a partner to outsource this to. 

We know that a vital part of organization is making sure you know when and where your keys are at all times. A key control partner like InstaKey offers key blanks that are not available on the open market. This means you never have to worry about illicit duplication. To further guarantee the integrity of keys, each is stamped with a unique serial number. Once added to a key inventory process, this ensures a record of:

  • Whom the key was issued to
  • What that key accesses

Between restricted, serialized keys and a cloud-based key management system, it’s easy to link individual keys with individual employees. Should you need to look something up, the puzzle pieces are already put together. This saves you time and resources you can dedicate to other important tasks.


Another component of an exemplary key management system is convenience. If you need to change a lock, or many, it can take hours or days to track down a commercial locksmith. Then, you make an appointment and wait for the job to be finished. This process all ends with writing a check. You pay for service and any new locks installed. 

With user-rekeyable lock technology you can eliminate the need to call anyone, purchase any tools or remove any hardware. You can do it yourself, or have an on-site employee manage the rekeying process. All it takes is just one turn of a step change key, and the facility is secured again, with new keys to be distributed. What’s more, this can be done repeatedly — up to 9 times per lock.

If you operate with a master key system, these benefits also apply. If a master key goes missing, all you have to do is rekey at the master level, without affecting other levels of the system. Then, distribute new master keys. Organized, efficient, convenient. That’s it.


Key management can get expensive. Lost keys, replaced locks, reissuing keys — over time, it adds up. On average, a locksmith will charge over $200 for a locksmith to change the locks in one location, one time. By the time you’ve had the same locksmith change the locks in that one location 9 times, you will likely have spent over $1,300. If you need to rekey 200 locations, 9 times, you’re looking at a $260,000 expense.

With user-rekeyable lock technology, those costs are significantly lower — the first time a location is rekeyed, it will likely cost less than $100 after system installation. By the time you have to rekey that same location the 9th time, you will have only spent around $400, in total. If you need to rekey 200 locations, 9 times, you’re only looking at an $80,000 expense. Compared to $260,000, that’s a savings of $180,000!

The cost-effective nature of this type of rekeyable product rises above other traditional commercial lock change options. This is particularly true if you are a business with high employee turnover, such as a retail, grocery or restaurant. The organization, convenience and cost-effective nature of a rekeyable cylinder system allows you to focus on other areas that impact the bottom line of the business.

It also focuses on serving facility maintenance departments. Simplified rekeying frees up management to devote attention to other areas. When a breach occurs in a traditional key management system, focus is taken away from other tasks because of the urgency and time-consuming nature of the problem. An easy-to-implement rekeyable lock helps make the whole company more efficient: Running smoothly, spending less on rekeying, and freeing up employees to be more productive. Ultimately, this brings in more revenue and reduces exposure to loss. 


Security is the most obvious purpose of any key management system. If you can’t prevent unauthorized key duplication, then you can’t really control who has access to your locations. Restricted, serialized keys can do that. This type of air-tight program means rogue keys can’t find their way into the mix, throwing off your records and threatening the integrity of your system.

Having user-rekeyable locks means there’s no need to sweat it out while your facilities sit vulnerable to missing keys. Rekey immediately to regain control and restore security.

If you enlist key management software to track keys to key holders and a security breach were to occur, you’d have a precise record of who had access to provide for investigations.

Much has changed in the 21st century. The core goal of locks and keys, first assembled thousands of years ago, has remained the same. However, improved hardware and modern cloud-based administrative upkeep of keys keeps your organization secure. 

If you are looking for an efficient key management system, InstaKey could be your answer. InstaKey prides itself on building efficient, effective key management systems that are both simple and secure. The goal of our product is to make your job easier at a price that saves you money. Our cloud-based key management platform, coupled with innovative hardware allows management, whether on or off site, to be assured of key custody and security.

In addition to offering a full key control program, InstaKey has relationships with industry suppliers that allow us to fulfill key system orders from other manufacturers at an expedited pace and with competitive pricing. We help you save time you’d lose with traditional avenues and narrow the window of exposure to loss. You don’t have to wait for shipping or incorrect orders. We’re here to help you with any of your key management system needs. That’s whether it’s with our product or not. 

The convenience, organization, cost-effectiveness and, most importantly, the security of our products are a testament to the values of our company. We understand all that is at stake, and we pride ourselves on our products’ ability to protect it.

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