Could You Save Money With InstaKey?

Use this calculator to find out!

So, you've heard that InstaKey can help save money on Key Control. But, what about your key system? Can InstaKey help you save? Enter your variables into the calculator below to see what your potential savings are.

These numbers should be used to roughly estimate how much you could save after InstaKey has been installed. This calculator does not account for your specific preferences for hardware, or how many locks and keys you'll need. If you would like an estimate that digs a little deeper into the actual specs you would like to have installed, contact us and we'll get to work! 

Note: If the calculator is not rendering below, try it with a different web browser.  This calculator does not render when using Internet Explorer.


 Yes, you could save that much!

If you like what you see in the calculator, but think you might be dreaming, here's a wake up call: You could save up to 80% on Key Control with InstaKey.

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