Bealls – A Case Study

Ann Taylor – A Case Study
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Bealls Inc.
80 Retail Department Stores, 462 Retail Outlet Stores, 4 Corporate Offices, 2 Distribution Centers, & 152 Distribution Truck Trailers

Former Lock Program: Mix-Match – Locksmith Call Out

Reason for Conversion:

In 2001, Bealls Inc. was utilizing a variety of lock hardware suppliers with little continuity throughout their lock and key program. One of Bealls’ main concerns was the ease with which keys could be duplicated, permitting unrestricted access. There were limited measurements available for tracking keys and key holders, so, when a manager left, the policy was to contact a local locksmith to rekey the location. Bealls conducted a competitive price comparison with other suppliers and found that InstaKey’s integrated Key Management program was their solution.

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