Qdoba Mexican Eats – A Case Study

Qdoba Mexican Eats – A Case Study
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Qdoba Mexican Grill
314 Corporate Restaurant Locations
44 Franchisee Restaurant Locations

Former Lock Program: Locksmith Call-Outs

Reason for Conversion:
In 2003, Qdoba began researching key control companies to help alleviate the problems associated with lost keys and employee turnover. Regional Managers were wasting time and money to replace locks and cut new keys when managers left their positions. These actions were inefficient and Qdoba wanted to find a solution to bring their key management costs under control. That solution was InstaKey Security Systems’ Key Control Program.

The Regional Managers have found the InstaKey system to be very efficient and cost effective. Once in place, the lock cylinder can be re-keyed by simply inserting and turning a step-change key 180°. Once the lock is rekeyed, the old keys are deactivated, and new keys are simply issued from a kit supplied by InstaKey. Changing the lock can be done instantaneously at no cost to the restaurant. This saved the Regional Managers time in their day for not having to arrange for a locksmith call out and replacement. This also saved the restaurant the burden of having to spend revenue on the cost of locksmith services.

After several locations were installed and rekeyed over time, Qdoba recognized that the organization would receive a greater return by maintaining the Rekeying Kits at the restaurant. This would allow the management team to rekey the site immediately, and thus eliminate the need for a Regional Manager to leave to a site as soon as a rekeying event occurred.

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