InstaKey Software Manages Your Lock & Key Program for You

InstaKey Software Manages Your Lock & Key Program for You Download Article

“Loss prevention professionals have very little time or resources to address, review, or measure their lock & key programs. By evaluating your lock & key program, you can reduce unnecessary expenses per location while simultaneously improving site security. InstaKey® Security Systems offers® to compile the key management information for you.”

“InstaKey has developed lock hardware that enables immediate rekeying of locks up to twelve times on-site by store management. InstaKey’s unique system utilizes cylinders that are reconfigurable by simply inserting a special “step-change” key and turning it. The step-change key effectively deactivates old keys and reconfigures the cylinder to fit the new keys. Corporate and/or store management controls access to the rekey kit and can determine when a rekey is required.”

“By instituting InstaKey’s® software, you will have a real-time database that tracks people, places, and keys. Whether you want to know who has which key, how many keys open the location, or how many locations are out of compliance, this database keeps it all for you. This capability can be decentralized between corporate departments or regional staff as management specifies, providing powerful, controlled access.”