Delivering Cloud-Based Controls for Mechanical Keys

Delivering Cloud-Based Controls for Mechanical Keys with a Human Touch2 Download Article

With our growing dependence on automation, service bots, and artificial intelligence, it can be rare to find a vendor that delivers innovative solutions through partnership. Thingamajigs, widgets, and bots can bring us all efficiency, but there is still magic in the human element that can't be quantified. 

The Fresh Market, a North Carolina-based specialty grocery chain, looked to enhance and simplify distinct areas of operations with simple security upgrades. With limited human capital, they leaned on InstaKey to align with their asset protection and operations teams to convert 160 stores to a modern key control program that would create a more secure environment and achieve an ROI after implementation. 

"Converting an entire company in under three months has to be some type of world record. Every time I work with InstaKey, thier commitment to clients and to projects shines through with personal an corporate integrity." - Joe Oliveira, The Fresh Market