Improving PCI Compliance with Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Wifi Smart Lock Solves Challenges to Lost Keys While Improving PCI Compliance Download Article

InstaKey's mission is to ease the pain felt by businesses that have key holders who lose keys. They have transformed locks into user-rekeyable, interchangeable cylinders that can be rekeyed up to twelve times without changing out cores or calling a locksmith. The next step in the evolution of this mission is the partnership with leading smart lock manufacturer RemoteLock, which allows InstaKey to offer commercial-grade smart lock technology that can be managed and controlled from smart phones, tablets, or computers - making it easy to keep track of who's coming and going, from anywhere. 

“This smart lock eliminated our need for keys to our sensitive access points, required no wiring or power to the door, and we can manage access from anywhere. We are able to use InstaKey on the majority of our doors and still have a secured backup override for this device. InstaKey's innovative approach and partnership consistently helps our business identify better ways to simply manage our key control.” - Chris De Tray, CFE, CFI, Director of Asset Protection, Lucky's Market