Brookstone Unlocks a Solution for Key Control

Brookstone Unlocks a Solution for Key Control Download Article

“Suppose the assistant manager of a store storms out for good one night with a perimeter door key in his pocket. A cautious store manager, acting on loss prevention policy set by headquarters, would probably call in a local locksmith to change the locks. Since it’s after traditional business hours, the locksmith would most likely charge a whopping free for the task.”

“There is a lower-cost, riskier alternative to consider. The store manager could choose to cross his fingers and wait for an overnight carrier to deliver new lock cores and keys to the store sometime the next morning, but that’s likely to induce at least one sleepless night – maybe two.”“Brookstone is using locks and keys developed by InstaKey Security Systems of Denver and deployed by Security Source, a Peabody, Mass.-based company that provides loss prevention consulting, analysis and equipment.”