Improving Fuel Dispenser Credit Card Information Security

Improving Fuel Dispenser Credit Card Information Security Download Article

“Due to emerging concerns surrounding credit-card data theft and tampering, Susser Holdings Corporation needed a new security solution. On one level they needed to upgrade or replace their fuel dispensers to meet current regulations, but they also needed an improved physical security lock that controlled personnel access.”

“With InstaKey’s Key Control Program, the key blanks themselves are only available through highly controlled licensed distribution channels and not available on the open market. Each key blank is individually serial numbered and tracked from the first day of production, through all key issuances, and until the day it is deactivated by the enduser. InstaKey’s patented® Internet-accessible software tracks the key-holder assignment history for real time accessibility. The database also provides rekeying exception and key compliance reporting that can be managed by the customer’s operations, facilities, and security departments, or any InstaKey representative.”

“By InstaKey offering a revolutionary rekeying technology, fuel supervisors now have a cost-effective solution that can resolve company-wide rekeying costs when a key is compromised. By tracking all of the key-holder information, Stripes locations can also quickly audit and/or rekey in a fraction of the time it used to take to change out all the locks.”