Under Lock and Key

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“Keeping track of keys and locks is no easy task for retailers, even under the best of circumstances. But it was especially challenging for those with stores in New Orleans in the days following Hurricane Katrina. Unable to make contact with local store managers and other associates, many chains sought out locksmiths to re-key stores on an emergency basis.”

“Sprint Nextel, however, was able to gain access to and secure its seven stores in the area without outside help. The company utilizes a key-management program that allows doors to be re-keyed easily and quickly—and without the assistance of a locksmith.”

“Sprint utilizes the InstaKey Security System, from InstaKey, Denver, which combines specially designed hardware (including non-duplicable keys) with on-line records management. It allows the end-user to re-key a lock without having to remove a core from the door. Instead, the end-user simply inserts a special key in the lock and turns it according to directions. There is nothing to disassemble.”