Winn Dixie Takes Key Control to a New Level

Winn Dixie Takes Key Control to a New Level Download Article

“In today’s environment many asset protection professionals are chartered to improve their location’s physical security and personnel safety while simultaneously assisting store operations with increasing profitability and shrink loss reduction. Unfortunately, this is not a simple task and has many relevant layers of physical security. So, where do you start? Ever thought about improving your key control layer?”

“After working closely with Winn-Dixie’s sourcing department and reviewing several different vendor offerings, Winn Dixie felt that InstaKey Security Systems had a simplistic key control program solution that met their requirements. They wanted a solution that could work with their new alarm and digital CCTV strategy, while keeping it simple for stores and the asset protection team to execute and manage.”

“To date the conversion project is in the final stages of completion, and they’ve only had to rekey less than 15 percent of their stores at a fraction of normal locksmith expenses. InstaKey’s three primary components of key control have helped solidify the AP team’s presence in stores, assisted them in monitoring who has access to store locations, and provided a cost-effective rekeying solution.”