Is Your Key Control a Cornerstone or a Liability?

Is Your Key Control a Cornerstone or a Liability? Download Article

“Have you ever thought about how your retail organization handles the distribution and record keeping for its mechanical keys? If you have, what did you conclude? That the current system is a cornerstone of your security program or a liability? If you’re like most, you might have reached the decision that it was just too stressful to think about and simply stopped thinking about it. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of stores, the issue of key control must be addressed or it will likely impair the effectiveness of all your other security operations.”

“Management must know the number of keys being used at each location. Five cannot turn into six without your knowledge. It’s that sixth key that was reproduced at the kiosk in the mall, the neighborhood hardware store or even by your own locksmith who forgot to document it that will cause you problems. You have to have a system with a proven track record of restricted keys – keys that have only one way of being duplicated: with your authority.”