InstaKey Makes Key Management Simple

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“Today, many retailers are challenged by increasing shrink loss, employee turnover, and locksmith service expenditures. InstaKey® is a proven leader in collecting and maintaining key management information for multi-site operations.”

“InstaKey has developed lock hardware that enables immediate rekeying of locks on-site by store management. InstaKey’s unique system utilizes cylinders that are reconfigurable by simply inserting a special “step change” key and turning it. The “step change” key effectively deactivates old keys and reconfigures the cylinder to fit new keys. Management controls access to the rekeying kit, which includes the next set of keys.”

“InstaKey provides each client with different types of audit solutions and reporting to account for all keys issued. The InstaKey database provides rekeying exception reporting and key compliancy reports that can be managed by the customer’s operations, facilities, or loss prevention departments, or by InstaKey representatives. InstaKey also provides custom reporting to simplify each retailer’s program needs.”