Blending Lock Manufacturers to Optimize Savings on Lock Changes

Blending Lock Manufacturers to Optimize Savings on Lock Changes Download Article

Sometimes the best solutions are unconventional. To InstaKey, unconventional solutions can be a result of working with clients to develop a means to organize and control locks, keys, and associated expenses in the most effective and efficient way possible. In this particular case, InstaKey provided a solution that combined their brand of locks with another manufacturer's locks to offer their client the security, convenience and control they needed in their stores at a lower cost. 

Bob's Discount Furniture benefits from the savings on the front-end with the combination of lock manufacturers. Unexpectedly, there are also savings on the back-end with the restricted keys and rekeyability features of the InstaKey hardware. Bob's Discount Furniture saves approximately 75 percent with the solution that InstaKey developed.

“InstaKey really made partnering with them a no-brainer. From the process of understanding our standards and specific needs to the development-review process to getting to know the new key system installed. InstaKey took care of everything and mad it so easy - just like they did for me before.” - Patrick Burns, CPP, LPI, Bob's Discount Furniture