A New Program With Structure

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“One of Weis’s newest initiatives is the chain-wide roll out of InstaKey, an essential key-control program for managing a retail chain with 161 locations. Limauro carefully considered the competing lock-and-key programs before settling on InstaKey, which few of his major competitors use.”

“Loss prevention collaborated with store operations, building maintenance, and InstaKey to reduce the overall number of keys in use at store level while meeting corporate needs for multiple store-keyed access. Instakey’s technology provides the ability to rekey a lock up to twelve times without removing cores or lock hardware, which means a lost key represents a small problem, not a multi-thousand-dollar episode that could be conceivably repeated over and over again if keys continued to be lost. Additionally, each restricted key is tracked online by a unique serial number, and key holders accept ownership via signature key receipts, firmly in keeping with Weis’s new culture of accountability.”