Introducing Key Audit

KeyControl® just got easier! This new tool in® allows key system administrators to automate the process of auditing keys and who has custody of them, without having to be on-site with key holders.

There are three different types of audits in this module:

  • Listed Audit: This type of audit allows administrators to send out a list of serial numbers (on keys) to key holders via text or email. Those communications include a link that allows key holders to confirm what they have.
  • Unlisted Audit: This audit will send an email or text a link to key holders that will prompt them to list the key serial numbers they have, which will match those serial numbers with the records on file. 
  • Listed and Unlisted Audit: This is a combination of both audit types listed above. It works the same as the listed key audit, but key holders can add to what they've been assigned, allowing for additional input. For example, if for some reason a key holder leaves the organization and gives their keys to another key holder, the remaining key holder can list those in this type of audit. 

Within the Key Audit Module, administrators have access to real-time updates on how the audit is progressing to be able to gauge areas of progress and hindrances, offering a high-level summary as well as InstaKey feedback on possible actions needed. 

Each type of audit can be set up to run monthly, quarterly or whenever it's necessary. If an audit is set to run monthly and that turns out to be too frequent, it can be changed at any time.

Key Audit becomes more powerful and robust when other functions in are more broadly utilized, such as Hierarchies and Key Definitions. Audits are easier to run when key Hierarchies are set up to include email addresses and phone numbers of key holders. Using Key Definitions allows administrators to audit by key name. If you would like more information on Heirarchies or Key Definitions, your Client Services Rep will be happy to help.

If you are eager to jump in and start using the new Key Audit tool, all you need is a login to After logging in, click on Key Audit and you're on your way.


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