Lost and missing key costs can be prevented with key tracking.

This guide will cover the basics.

When managing a large master key system it takes organization and accuracy to ensure that your locks and keys are keeping your locations secure.

In 2016, a large campus spent half a million dollars to update keys and cores due to a missing set of grand master keys in order to provide a secure environment for both the people and property they were responsible for. Those were hard costs and did not factor into the time it took employees and vendors to accomplish the large-scale rekey project. 

Many organizations have since begun prioritizing organization and key tracking software as part of their physical key control programs. However, digitalizing and organizing bad habits could land companies in the same situation. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • the primary reasons key tracking is imperative for security
  • best practices when setting up a key tracking system
  • current cloud-based options in the marketplace

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