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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Installing A Door Lock System

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Installing a Door Lock System.png

The InstaKey Key Control Program can improve security, while helping to control costs and minimizing your business liability. In order to reap all these benefits, you will need to ensure you choose the right lock and key security system for your organization and use it correctly. Before you install a door lock system, ask yourself the following questions to clarify your organization’s security needs and work out which solution is right for you.

1. What Is a Door Lock System?

Before you install a new system in your facility, you need to know how it works. Mechanical solutions for securing access to a property have existed for centuries and they haven’t changed much because they are very effective. In just the past 30 years, small changes to traditional lock pinning practices have made a huge impact on locks making them more efficient and less costly to maintain. Let’s take a look at the four critical components of a key control system.

Rekeyable Locks

cabinet_lock_for_constant_contact.jpgIn the past, a lost or stolen key used to mean having to call out a locksmith to replace the lock and secure the property. A rekeyable lock makes it possible to immediately reset locks if a key is lost or stolen.

Restricted, Serialized Keys

Each keyholder receives a key with an individual serial number that allows you to trace the key back to its owner. These keys can’t be duplicated without permission. Therefore, when you use these keys, you’ll always know exactly how many of them are in circulation and which employees they have been assigned to. As keys are returned when employees leave, there is no need to change the locks on the property because you know keys have not been duplicated.

Cloud-Based Key Tracking Software

Cloud-based software allows system administrators to track serialized keys by location and see at a glance which locks the keys can unlock. The software also provides dashboard reporting, which can give a broad overview of your key control program.

Full Program Administration

If you need support in managing your system, you can take advantage of the full program administration service. Our clients are assigned a single point of contact, which means you can be sure that help is always close at hand.

2. Is It Easy to Control and Maintain?

Before you install any new system for managing locks and keys, you need to know how much time you can expect to spend maintaining it. Thankfully, these systems are easy to control and maintain. Online software provides compliance by allowing you to track keyholders and ensuring that you know who has the keys and that they are all present. When you need to reset a lock, you can quickly do this without needing to replace any physical components other than keys.

3. Can I Customize My Door Lock System?

You might worry that due to complexity, no product can meet the needs of your organization. However, you can customize InstaKey systems so they work just as you need them to. Rekeyable lock cylinders that retrofit into most existing hardware, online/mobile software and restricted keys all provide customization options even up to a great grandmaster key level of complexity, ensures that you give access to everyone who needs it, where they need it.

4. What Are the Benefits of Adding a Door Lock System?

To convince your company stakeholders to invest in a key control system, you’ll need to clearly explain the benefits. There are three main reasons to invest in this kind of system.

Better Security

RekeyableLocksShadowed.pngInvesting in a more secure locking system can minimize your organization’s liability, as well as eliminating management issues that can open up holes in your security. In today’s world of regulations and risks, it’s important to take steps to keep your business’s liability as low as possible.

Controlled Costs

Good security doesn’t have to mean spiraling costs. Once you’ve invested in a key control system, the ongoing maintenance and administration costs are low. Of course, you have to weigh the costs of installing a key control system with the potential costs that could result from theft of important equipment or data.


Think about the time you spend replacing lock cylinders and cores or waiting for locksmiths to change locks on your behalf. Rekeyable locks eliminate these inefficiencies, allowing your business to carry on operating as usual even if an employee loses a key.

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Understandably, questions about cost are always at the forefront of a business owner’s mind when considering new products or services. While it’s true that there are costs involved in installing rekeyable locks and issuing restricted keys to employees, these costs can result in a quick return on investment. Of course, the cost of installing a complete system will vary depending on the size of your organization and the number of doors you need to secure. For a detailed estimate of costs, get in touch with InstaKey to discuss your unique requirements.

Now that you have asked yourself these five questions, you should have a better understanding of the effect a door lock system could have on your organization. If you think this kind of system could help to improve your security, while keeping costs under control, get in touch with InstaKey for a free consultation. We take individual factors into account to determine your needs and estimate the potential savings you could make by adding a key control system.

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