Consistency In Your Key Systems

Authored by InstaKey
Authored by Whitney Fay, Marketing Administrator at LockNet
If you’re the lucky person who has to keep track of the various keys throughout multiple facilities and your store doesn’t use a key system, you might be ready to pull your hair out. Without a key system you have to handle the organization and tracking of multiple keys in multiple openings and none of that has to be consistent. So, while you may have one key cut in one particular opening, you may have a completely different one in another store down the street. This can cause a lot of undue stress. This is where key systems come in.
Benefits of Consistent Key Systems
There are several benefits when you install a key system within your facilities, but the number one benefit we hear from customers is how much more organized their work life becomes once a key system is put into place.
Home Base
No matter what region each facility is in, with a key system there is only one office that needs to be called for all key issues. While it might not seem like that big of a deal, this is monumental in saving your facility manager time. This eliminates multiple calls to various locksmiths to try and get a key replaced, the search for what key cut was used, etc.
More Security
The amount of security at your facility might not be up to par if you don’t work with a key system and you have a high turnover with employees. If an employee leaves the company or is fired, they may take their key with them and that leaves the facility vulnerable. This can require an entire rekey of your facility which is will cost money you probably don’t want to spend. However, with a key system all of the information is managed and tracked, which in return, makes the replacement of a key a simple task as opposed to one that’s going to steal a lot of your time and patience.
Simpler Repair
Without a key system, you have to deal with a various amount of parts for openings throughout your facility. This can add time onto repairs if a locksmith or tech has to search for the specific parts. Tack on the amount of time to order and receive the parts and you might be ready to give up on anything ever involved with door hardware from the stress of it all. That’s where a key system comes in. A key system brings consistency and consistency will bring you stress relief. All parts will be the same which will make the repair process much easier and less time consuming. No one can be mad about that. Overall, a key system makes the security of your facility a much more manageable monster and who can say no to that?
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